King's Birthday

The king occupies the second place after Buddha in the Thais’ ranking of popularity and monarch’s birthday, which he celebrates on July 28th, is considered to be one of the main national holidays in the country. His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn, also known as Rama X, is the son of the king Bhumibol Adulyadej who was longest reigning modern monarch in the world, and he occupies the Thai throne longer than any of his predecessors. In addition, he is the symbol of cohesion and unity of the Thai people.

Festive events in King’s honor are held throughout the country, but their center is traditionally in Bangkok. On July 26th, before the holiday, the solemn ceremony, in which the elite units of the royal guard solemnly reaffirm their oath to His Majesty, takes place on the capital Royal Plaza. Celebrations continue in the city, on July 28th.

All public buildings are decorated with colorful illuminations on this day. Monarch’s portraits are hung on all capital’s homes, which, as a rule, are adorned with chrysanthemums. The locals dress in yellow clothes, because it is the color of the royal family. Rama X goes out on the balcony of the Royal Palace and greets his nationals and city’s guests in the first half of the day. But the main festival starts on the square in front of the palace and on the central street in the evening. Festivities and celebrations are held everywhere, millions of lights are lit and garlands are hung. The day ends with luxurious fireworks in honor of the monarch.

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